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  • What is included in a puppy service?
    We do all the same services an adult dog receives minus the full haircut. Instead of a full haircut, we do a sanitary trim which will include shaving the insides of the paw pads, and the underbelly including the butt and private parts, as well as doing a light face trim to open up the eyes.
  • My dog has an undercoat, can I shave him?
    Dogs with an undercoat or a double coat such as Pomeranians, Huskies, Samoyeds, etc should never get shaved. These breeds will benefit the most from a de-shedding service to help remove the loose undercoat and a light trim and shapeup on the body. Shaving these breeds will cause the undercoat to suffocate the top coat as it grows, resulting in your dog’s fur becoming matted much easier, and it can also damage the way the hair grows, sometimes resulting in bald patches or texture changes.
  • What is included in a full-service groom?
    Every grooming will include teeth brushing, ear cleaning & plucking, and nail trimming & buffing. We will bathe multiple times plus a conditioner and also do an anal gland expression. Haircut options will include the haircut on the entire body plus a sanitary trim.
  • My pup may have fleas, can you still groom him/her?
    Yes! We use a special flea and tick shampoo that will kill all of the fleas that may be on your pet’s coat. The shampoo is an additional $10.
  • An unexpected situation arose and I may be late to the appointment, is that okay?
    We understand that unexpected situations may occur, however we work with each dog individually so arriving late may push back other appointments for the day. If you are over 20 minutes late a late fee of $15 will be applied and if you are over 40 minutes late we may not be able to honor your appointment and may be forced to reschedule your appointment.
  • How long the effect of dogs de-shedding last?
    The length of time that de-shedding a dog lasts can vary depending on a few factors, including the breed of the dog, the length and thickness of their coat, and how frequently they are groomed. Generally speaking, de-shedding a dog involves removing loose fur from their coat to minimize shedding, and this can be achieved through techniques such as brushing, combing, or using special grooming tools. In terms of how long the effects of deshedding last, it can range from a few days to several weeks or even months, depending on the individual dog and the methods used. For example, if you regularly brush your dog's coat with a de-shedding tool and keep up with grooming, you may be able to significantly reduce shedding and maintain this effect over a longer period of time. However, if you only de-shed your dog once in a while or use less effective methods, you may see shedding return more quickly. It's also important to note that some breeds of dogs are naturally heavy shedders and may require more frequent deshedding than others. If you're unsure about how often to de-shed your dog or which techniques are best for their coat type, it's a good idea to consult with a professional groomer or veterinarian for guidance.
  • Can I come in for quick services such as nail trimmings?
    Absolutely! Walk-in services can include nail trimmings, teeth brushings, ear cleaning & plucking, sanitary trims, and even anal gland expressions. Some days may be very busy and we may not have the time to complete a walk-in service so make sure to call in advance!
  • Are there any other fees that I should be aware of?
    Sometimes during the middle of grooming, we may notice your pup’s coat has fleas. We will immediately notify you about the service and upgrade your shampoo to a flea and tick shampoo for an additional $10. Otherwise, your pup may have other issues such as dry/sensitive skin and we may offer to use a special medicated shampoo for an additional $5 or a mud bath treatment to hydrate the skin for an additional $10.
  • How do I find your grooming studio?
    Our address is 2667 Coney Island Ave Floor 2. We are located on the corner of Coney Island Ave and Ave X, on Ave X side in between King’s Deli and Paradise Flowers. The closest subway exit is Neck Road on the Q Train or B68 bus to Ave X
  • What do I need to bring before the appointment?
    We require all vaccines to be updated as per NY State Laws. They are Rabies, Distemper Parvo (DA2PP), and Bordetella. If your dog is allergic to any vaccines or is a senior and directed by your vet to not receive specific vaccines you MUST request an exemption letter yearly from your veterinarian and bring it to us.
  • Do you do cat grooming?
    We do not do cat grooming, only dogs.
  • Can my puppy get a full haircut?
    Every dog will undergo a full coat change at 6 months old, and it will go from soft puppy fur to adult fur. We do not recommend cutting your dog’s hair until 6 months of age and instead would recommend our bath + sanitary option!
  • How often should I de-shed my dog?
    The frequency with which you should de-shed your dog will depend on several factors, including the breed of your dog, the length and thickness of their coat, and how much they tend to shed. Some breeds of dogs are naturally heavy shedders and may require more frequent deshedding, while others may shed less and require less frequent deshedding. As a general rule of thumb, it's recommended to de-shed your dog at least once a week, especially during heavy shedding seasons. However, for dogs with thicker or longer coats or for those who shed heavily year-round, more frequent deshedding may be necessary to keep shedding under control. It's important to use the right de-shedding tools and techniques for your dog's coat type to avoid damaging their coat or skin. A professional groomer or veterinarian can provide guidance on the best de-shedding techniques for your specific dog. Ultimately, the frequency with which you de-shed your dog will depend on their individual shedding tendencies and coat type, so it's a good idea to observe your dog's shedding patterns and adjust your de-shedding schedule accordingly.
  • I need to reschedule my appointment, what are your policies?
    You can reschedule your appointment at any time! If you are unable to let us know at least one day prior to your appointment or if you miss your appointment a cancellation fee will be applied for 50% of your grooming service requested.
  • I have a puppy, are there any vaccine or age requirements?
    Puppies will go through a series of multiple shots before they will be completely vaccinated. Puppies under 4 months are required to have Bordetella and DA2PP vaccines, and puppies 4 months and above must also have a rabies vaccine. You can bring your puppy in as soon as they receive their first set of shots!
  • My dog has some knots & tangles and may be matted. Should I be aware of any additional fees?
    We can try and brush out the knots & tangles as long as it does not cause your pup any pain. If we do spend extra time brushing out your dog’s coat we will apply extra brushing fees of $20+ depending on how much time it takes us to comb out the fur completely. However, if we cannot brush out the fur without causing pain it is recommended to shave your dog short as it is the safest option. The groomer will be spending time to carefully and safely shave off mats and a fee of $20-35+ will be applied to your total.
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